A new building…and keeping the main thing the main thing

Posted by Stephen Witmer on April 20th, 2015

Sunday, April 19 was an exciting day for us as a church, as John Doehring of our Building Task Force gave us a major update on plans for new PCF facilities. God was gracious to remind us from Luke 5 that the main thing we must be passionate about as a church, the thing that must wake us up in the morning and drive us and unite us, is the forgiveness of sins found in Jesus and the glory that flows to God through Jesus. New buildings can facilitate that, and to the extent they do, should be planned for, built, used, and enjoyed with thanksgiving to God. Forgiveness of sins and the glory of God is not just one more thing for our church — it is the main thing. That’s why our mission as a church focuses not on a building, but on Jesus Christ and his life-transforming gospel: