Celebrating with our town

Posted by Stephen Witmer on July 2nd, 2016

Wouldn’t it be weird if you had a friend who regularly invited you over to his house, once a week, but refused to come to your house? Wouldn’t it be weird if that friend was willing to serve you, but didn’t ever come to any parties you threw, and didn’t ever want to just sit and talk and laugh and have fun with you? That person wouldn’t actually feel like much of a friend.

I think it’s not uncommon for churches to be great at inviting the larger community to visit every week for worship services, and pretty good at finding ways to serve in the larger community, but not quite as committed to hanging out with the town and celebrating and having fun together. But genuine friendship requires time spent together just because. It’s good for this kind of genuine friendship and involvement to grow at both the level of individuals in the church hanging out with their neighbors, and also for a church to find ways to hang out with their town and celebrate all together.

One of our best opportunities to hang out and have fun is the Pepperell 4th of July parade. This is where it’s at in our town! Everyone is there. By participating, we show that we love the community in which God has placed us. By throwing out lots of candy (we set a personal record this year) we show generosity. It’s good to be friends with the lovely, amazing, broken, delightful, hurting, gifted, normal, extraordinary people who live with and around us every day!

PCF loves Pepperell!