Fire your heart for God's glory and God's world by watching this video

Posted by Stephen Witmer on December 5th, 2016

At the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering, held in Jakarta, Indonesia this past summer, Jason Mandryk and Molly Wall, editors of Operation World, gave an important talk called ‘The State of the World.’ 

I recommend taking ½ hour to watch this talk. It will fire your heart for God’s world, and for the spread of the gospel. It will encourage and also sober you. 

Several facts that struck me from this talk:

-In the last 25 years, more people have become Christians than at any other time in human history! Much of that growth has occurred in the context of suffering and persecution.

-29% of the world’s population has never encountered the gospel

-1% of the world’s population controls ½ of the world’s wealth

-There’s a shift in numbers of Christians to the Global South

-81% of the world’s non-Christians do not personally know a Christian

Operation World is an important resource, providing key facts and prayer points for the countries of the world. Our family has prayed through the countries of the world in our family devotional times using Operation World, and also using the shorter version, Pray For the World. Why not purchase one of these books and commit to praying through it in 2017?

You may want to start this video at about 3:15, where the talk really kicks off.