JD Greear on speaking like Jesus to the LGBT community

Posted by Stephen Witmer on January 18th, 2016

I’ve found this talk by J.D. Greear extraordinarily challenging and helpful. Especially insightful is his discussion of what Jesus means when he says not to judge others. Greear notes that the Jesus who said not to judge was the same person who said, ‘The world hates me, because I testify about it that its works are evil.’ Judging cannot mean that we don’t tell our community that something is wrong. So what does it mean? Quotes from Greear: ‘It’s what you do after you tell someone the truth that determines whether or not you are judging them.’ ‘You judge someone not when you assess their position but when you dismiss them as a person.’ ‘We have to love our gay neighbor more than we love our position on sexual morality.’ That does not mean being silent on these matters. It means our love for our gay neighbor must not be contingent upon their agreeing with our position on sexuality. If they disagree with us, we’re to love them, cultivate friendship, not push them away.

There’s lots more helpful stuff in this talk, so I encourage you to watch the whole thing.