Lessons during the waiting

Posted by Stephen Witmer on November 22nd, 2016

I’m going to include here an update we recently received from our missionaries Josh and Abby Rattin. Josh and their son Moses are currently in Kenya, while Abby and the rest of their kids are here in the States. In this update, Josh explains what’s happening and what they’re learning in a time of protracted waiting. I found this update deeply encouraging and hope you will, too. Please pray for the Rattins.

“Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for in the midst of a difficult season. God’s grace is abundant and sufficient!

It’s now been over six weeks since our visa interview with no news from the embassy. The lack of information and transparency from the embassy has been difficult. We had no idea that this could take this long, but most difficult has been the lack of information from those processing our visa request. We might be able to travel to the USA by next week or it could be months. It leaves one with the feeling of not being in control of one’s life (which is true). Especially when it comes to being apart from family, it’s difficult.

But God has used this situation to give us a remarkable privilege. I get to disciple my adopted son one-on-one. Even more importantly, God has allowed our family to experience the pain of missing one another. It causes me to wonder about the pain Jesus felt when He left the place of ultimate joy at the Father’s side to stand in our place to face His wrath on the cross. It was so difficult as to cause him to sweat blood the night before; He nevertheless walked that path to invite us into that same place of ultimate joy.

Being reunited with our family will bring some relief, some joy, and some peace, but it cannot bring the ultimate relief, joy, or peace that being reunited with Christ will bring! So, in all of this, we have been reminded of the longing that we should feel for Christ. It is a longing of those on a journey far away from home. We long to see Him face to face! What relief, joy, and peace that day will bring. True, final, lasting peace in our true, final home.

This is what David longed for… Paul, Moses, Noah… they all longed to live in the presence of God.

Even when we are finally reunited as a family, that longing will remain. One day that longing, that hunger to see our Savior face to face will be satisfied. Can’t wait!”