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Mere Fidelity and Chris Arnade

Posted by Stephen Witmer on July 16th, 2019

Mere Fidelity is a helpful Christian podcast, with some smart, biblically faithful, and intellectually curious guys who interview a range of authors and thinkers. They recently interviewed Chris Arnade, a former high-powered investment banker, who quit his job some years ago in order to travel the country and document (through photos and the written word) the struggles of those in what he calls ‘back row America’ – the many people who don’t have the education and opportunities of the privileged and more affluent classes. The result of Chris Arnade’s travels, writings, and photos is a gripping book called Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back Row America. I read it recently, during vacation, and could hardly put it down (I read it in the middle of the night while I was jet-lagged). It’s an honest, disturbing, important look at those in America who are less privileged, and it forces us to ask hard questions. The combination of writing and photos is particularly effective.

I recommend both the book (Dignity) and the podcast (Mere Fidelity’s interview of Chris Arnade)