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PCF Recommends (November 2018 edition)

Posted by Stephen Witmer on November 29th, 2018

Every so often, I like to recommend a range of excellent Christian resources that I think you’ll benefit from. With Christmas coming and Christmas lists being formulated, this seems like a great time to encourage you to grow as a Christian through these books. Order them online on Amazon or Christian Book Distributors. Many are available as audio books if you receive and process information better through listening!

Come Let Us Adore Him, Paul David Tripp

I like everything Paul Tripp writes. These devotional readings will help you focus on Christ throughout Advent 2018.

Desiring God, John Piper

This is a very important, very helpful, hugely joy-producing book.

Holiness, J.C. Ryle

This is a classic by the nineteenth-century Anglican bishop J.C. Ryle. It will help you to long for and pursue personal holiness.

Transgender, Vaughan Roberts

This is a short, clear, compassionate, biblical book helping Christians think wisely about sex and gender.

Gender: A Conversation Guide for Parents and Pastors, Brian Seagraves and Hunter Levine

A short book that provides wisdom for parents seeking to shepherd their children (from preschool to high school) through conversations about gender and identity.

Explore Notes, from The Good Book Company

Why not commit now to reading the Bible each morning of 2019? Getting a subscription to Explore Notes will help you do that. You’ll be led through portions of Scripture with helpful questions to guide you.

XTB, from The Good Book Company

Bible notes for helping children ages 7-11: eXplore The Bible (XTB). Our children use these Bible-reading notes and have benefited from them.

How to Read the Bible Book by Book, Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart

I’ve recommended this one before and find myself regularly encouraging people to use it (a couple times in just that last several days). It’s a reader’s guide to every book of the Bible, helping you to see how each book fits together and providing a summary of each main section. Really, really helpful!