PCF Recommends (start your Christmas shopping now!)

Posted by Stephen Witmer on October 19th, 2015

A lot of our Christian growth depends whether we’re seeking out and sitting under the great teaching of Christian resources. We enjoy an embarrassment of riches today in terms of the sheer number of excellent books, DVDs, sermon podcasts, study Bibles and other resources to which we have access. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of junk out there as well.

So, occasionally, we do a PCF Recommends section, where we recommend some excellent resources. This is PCF Recommends: Christmas Edition! Buy some of these great resources for those you love…

1. Pray for the World 

Here’s what the publisher says about this book: ‘The Operation World researchers asked Christian leaders in every country, “How should the body of Christ throughout the world be praying for your country?” Their responses provide the prayer points in this book, with specific ways your prayers can aid the global church.’


2. Dispatches from the Front

Emma and I have watched this eight-part series of DVDs together. One of our Life Groups is currently watching and discussing them. They will fuel your awe at God’s global glory and your heart for the nationsEpisodes1-8-20151019100312.jpg.

3. ESV Study Bible 

I love this study Bible. It’s easy to use and packed with useful notes, charts, and illustrationsesv-study-lp-hardcover-20151019095551.jpg

4. The Biggest Story, Kevin Deyoung 

A great new Bible overview for children (and adults!). It has lavish illustrations. We read through this with our kids in family Bible time 

5. The Meaning of Marriage, Tim Keller  

Tim Keller always writes biblically and with a fresh and helpful take on things. Gave a copy to every couple on our marriage retreat. 

6. Redemption Accomplished and Applied, John Murray

This is a short and magnificent book that demonstrates the glory of God in redemption. I love it. Serious theology

7. Everything A Child Should Know about God, Kenneth Taylor

I haven’t read this myself, but have heard great things about it. Looking forward to reading it with our children