Thanking God for our PCF marriage retreat

Posted by Stephen Witmer on October 19th, 2015

I’m thankful to God for our PCF marriage retreat on October 16-17. Thankful for lots of things, including:

- Many deepened friendships among the 30+ couples who were there with us

- Some times of laughing together when I laughed so hard I cried

- The 1/2 hour at the end of the retreat when each couple reflected with one another on what we had learned, and then prayed together for God’s grace in our marriages

- Paul and Peggy Buckley’s biblical, encouraging, challenging teaching

- The attractive and compelling vision of male servant leadership and female responsiveness to that leadership that we heard taught from Ephesians 5. Our culture doesn’t like the idea of gender roles, but it’s God’s idea, and Paul and Peggy helped us see how beautiful it can be.

- The challenge the men received to have courage and boldness to lead. I left thinking I need God’s grace to lead more effectively in my marriage, and was talking to another brother the next day who felt the same thing

- The grace of God for our brokenness, inadequacy, and sinfulness in our marriages. The grace of God cleanses us from sin and empowers us to break free of old patterns. I am deeply thankful for this grace.