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You are what you love

Posted by Stephen Witmer on October 3rd, 2018

In this past Sunday’s sermon I mentioned James K.A. Smith’s very helpful book You Are What You Love and shared some quotes from the book worth pondering.

‘Virtues are learned and acquired, through imitation and practice. It’s like we have moral muscles that are trained in the same way our biological muscles are trained when we practice a golf swing or piano scales.’

‘The church – the body of Christ – is the place where God invites us to renew our loves, reorient our desires, and retrain our appetites…the practices of the church are also a spiritual workout, inviting us into routines that train our heart muscles, our fundamental desires that govern how we move and act in the world.’

‘The church’s worship is the heart of discipleship. Yes, Christian formation is a life-encompassing, Monday through Saturday, week in and week out project; but it radiates from, and is nourished by, the worship life of the congregation gathered around Word and Table.’

And here’s the book, which I highly recommend.