Building a Vision

Transforming Our Church, Reaching Our Community

This is a two-year ministry expansion project in response to God’s call upon us to bring the gospel to the center of our life together as a church, and to live with such a vibrant gospel witness that we become central to our community and region.

What’s our goal for our building project?

Welcoming in, sending out

To achieve our vision, we believe we must grow as a church in two key ways: (1) Welcoming the many visitors who are coming to us; (2) Equipping, encouraging, and sending out our people on everyday gospel mission to the places we live and work.

Ed and Corinne Renauld
“The practical and sound biblical teaching at PCF has allowed me to know God more in my personal life. Seeing my brothers and sisters in Christ living their faith in works has encouraged me to live my faith to the fullest every day. We are family at PCF and we can be real with no condemnation. This is a church where love and forgiveness abound and where God’s grace and mercy is evident.” - Corinne Renauld

Imagine you’re a first-time visitor to PCF. It’s difficult to find the church and even harder to figure out where to go once you’re in the building! We need to grow in welcoming our guests. Additionally, our growing congregation needs more and improved sanctuary and educational space. Our building project will help us with these needs: - A new steeple in front will communicate to Pepperell who and where we are. - A new main entrance and enlarged foyer linking our two buildings will make clear to visitors where to enter the building, and allow us to better greet them when they do. - An enlarged sanctuary and renovation of the first floor of the front building will provide greatly improved educational and gathering space for our growing congregation.

What are we asking for?


Our goal is $850k. That’s large enough to stretch and challenge us, but it’s not too big for God! Our goal will challenge every member to grow in faith as we reach the next level of God-pleasing generosity and stewardship. ‘Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also’ (Luke 12.34). Achieving this goal together will serve as a testimony to Pepperell and prepare us for greater Kingdom impact as a church, as we see more people drawn into relationship with Christ, and our people built up and discipled.

Mike and Sarah Noble
“I had always believed in God and had even set out to read the Bible and attend church more regularly, but after little effort and tight schedules they quickly fell to the bottom of the list. Enter PCF… Never in my life has reading the Bible and really understanding who Christ is been so enjoyable. Christianity is about love and service to others, and now I truly understand why that is so important. I am very thankful for all of my blessings includding PCF.” - Mike Noble

What’s our ultimate aim?

God’s glory

Linking our buildings will transform how we use them. We’ll use our front building much more often, because it will now be an inviting, welcoming, seamlessly connected space. This will increase our visibility in Pepperell, as people in the community see life and activity in our buildings. Rather than being hidden by the front building, we’ll be using it to encourage, equip, and send our people on everyday gospel mission for Jesus.

Ben and Olivia Ruhl

“Olivia and I moved to Pepperell so that we could become more involved in the PCF family. From the day we arrived, we have had a community of people around us who have loved us as family, encouraged us in our education and adopted us into their lives. As we move toward the end of our time in seminary, I believe that we will look back at our time at PCF as the most formative element of our ministry training, and more importantly, as an example of what a community committed to the Gospel can look like.” - Ben Ruhl

Our ultimate goal for Building a Vision goes way beyond a nice building. Our goal is changed lives in our own gospel community of PCF, and in our larger community and region, to the glory of God.

Donate online
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