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Impact: Studies in the Book of Acts

Impact: Studies in the Book of Acts

See God in the book of Acts. Make a lasting impact as you reflect His character.

Sermon Passage Date
Impact: He Will Be Known In All The Earth
by Pastor Stephen Witmer
Acts 1.8 Apr 19, 2009
Impact: He Gives The Holy Spirit To All Whom He Calls Acts 2 Apr 26, 2009
Impact: He Stretches Out His Hand To Heal Acts 3.1-4.31 May 3, 2009
Impact: He Judges And Purifies His People Acts 4.32-5.11 May 10, 2009
Impact: He Uses All Things To Advance The Gospel Acts 6; 7 May 17, 2009
Impact: He Transforms Lives Acts 8.26-9.19 May 24, 2009
Impact: He Shows No Partiality Acts 10; 11; 15 May 31, 2009
Impact: He Is Creator And Lord Acts 17.16-34 Jun 7, 2009
Impact: He Obtained The Church With His Own Blood Acts 20.17-38 Jun 14, 2009
Impact: His Plan Will Not Be Thwarted Acts 21.1-28.31 Jun 21, 2009
Impact: Our New Mission Statement Jun 28, 2009

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