My new volume on Hebrews in the Preacher’s Greek Companion series

I’m delighted to have received author’s copies of my new book on Hebrews. It’s for those who have studied some New Testament Greek in the past and want to sharpen or revive their use of Greek as they study and preach the New Testament.

In 2021, I preached through the whole book of Hebrews, with the help of Jeff Willett, David Fenton, Andy Sweet, and Tyler Yates. In 2022, I taught an Exegesis of Hebrews class at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. In 2023, I completed a commentary on Hebrews for Community Bible Study, which will be used in their classes several years from now. And now Hendrickson is publishing this Preacher’s Greek Companion to Hebrews. I’m thankful for the opportunity God has granted me over these past three years to work closely on this remarkable book and to benefit from its powerful message. The Greek Companion will be available at the end of August, wherever you buy your books.

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