Tim Keller helps us read Leviticus

In our two-year Bible-reading plan, we’re now reading the book of Leviticus – the book that has killed many any attempt to read the whole Bible! What are all these rules? Why all this elaborate detail? How does a bunch of stuff about priests and sacrifices relate to me in the 21st century Western world?

If you’re asking those questions, I’ve got two things to say.

First, keep going! Don’t give up. Leviticus is part of God’s Word, and therefore it’s good for us (2 Timothy 3.16-17).

Second, I’ve got some great help for you. Tim Keller has an 11-minute overview of the book of Leviticus that will help you to get the big picture of what this book contributes and why it’s important. Taking 11 minutes to watch this video will help you in your reading of Leviticus.

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