Month: February 2018

New TGC article on small-town/rural ministry

Here’s an essay I wrote for The Gospel Coalition on the value of small-town/rural ministry and the importance of developing a theological vision for it. I’ve been formed deeply by ten years of pastoring Pepperell Christian Fellowship.

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Gordon Hugenberger on imputed righteousness

I’m a big fan of Gordon-Conwell professor and former Senior Pastor of Park Street Church, Gordon Hugenberger (I took every class I could from him in seminary, and was his teaching assistant). Here’s a classic Hugenberger talk, in which he brings fresh biblical insight to the discussion of the imputed righteousness of Christ.

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A conference on the gospel and sexuality

The upcoming Life on Mission Conference in Weston and Sudbury on March 16-17, 2018 looks valuable. It’s organized by my friend Brandon Levering. This year the theme is “The Gospel & Sexuality: Faithful and Compassionate Witness,” and the speakers are Christopher Yuan and Rachel Gilson.

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