Here we go, PCF, let’s memorize the Bible!

In 2020, our church family will be memorizing the Bible together. Please join us!

Each week, we’ll have a verse or two to memorize and ponder, and we’ll review these verses together in our Sunday services. I’m hoping that everyone at PCF, young and old, will join us in this effort to know God’s Word better. 

If you want some biblical foundations for our Bible memory effort, listen here to my recent sermon on Psalm 119.11: ‘I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.’

Our verses will come from the Fighter Verse program of the ministry Truth78. I recommend downloading the excellent Fighter Verses app for your phone from the app store – it’s inexpensive ($2.99) and comes with lots of wonderful memory helps. We’ll also be printing each week’s memory verse in the PCF bulletin and PCF News e-newsletter, so you can follow along that way if you prefer.

Bible memorization is hard work. But it’s worth it. You’d go to considerable work to deposit a $500 check, right? How much more worth it to store up God’s infinitely-valuable, always-true, never-failing Word.

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