Who We Are

Our History

Pepperell Christian Fellowship began in the 1980s as a community Bible study, and we held our first services in a living room in Pepperell in 1988. When we outgrew that space, we rented a building on Sunday mornings in a local office park and then moved in 1992 to our current location at 17 Main Street. Following more growth, we built a new worship facility on our property in 2002.

Pastor Stephen Witmer came to PCF from a teaching position at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2008. In 2015, God led our church to embrace a ten-year vision of gospel growth, and we have experienced God’s remarkable provision in the years since. In 2017, we called Jeff Willett as our full-time Associate Pastor. In 2020, we completed a major renovation of our front building, making it fully functional for PCF and for community groups in need of meeting space. In 2023, we planted our first church, Christ Church Townsend, with Jeff Willett serving as the planting pastor.

Our Mission


Before we exist to do something, we exist as a church to be something: a community of people gathered around Jesus, the one who unites and excites us. And together as a Christian community, we’re on a mission to love and serve the larger community in which God has placed us: PCF loves Pepperell and the other towns of our region.

We aim to give away the most precious thing we have: the gospel. We do this by speaking gospel words – words that describe and delight in the beautiful gospel of Jesus Christ. And we do gospel works – any acts of loving service (going to work, raising kids, cleaning the house, having someone over for dinner) that we do as forgiven sinners and children of God in order to advance the gospel.

God’s worth blows our minds – we can’t measure it, contain it, or fully comprehend it. But we’ve experienced enough of it that we love to commend it to others by speaking gospel words, doing gospel works, and embodying the gospel word in Jesus-centered community. Our mission begins in Pepperell and extends to all peoples and nations.

Our Vision

Our family of churches (Pepperell Christian Fellowship and Christ Church Townsend) shares a common history, gospel culture, and vision for planting gospel-centered, community-engaged churches in the small towns of our region. We long to see more churches closer to people, and, together with the other churches of the Village Green Collective, we aim to plant more New England churches in the years ahead. Through our pastoral residency program, we’re committed to raising up future church planters and pastors for the work of ministry throughout New England. And through our partnerships with ministries such as Small Town Summits, we seek to be generous, outward-looking churches that support God’s work throughout New England and the world.