We aim as a church to display the worth of God to the world, so outreach is very important to us. We serve our community by volunteering at our local senior center, serving and support Real Options pregnancy center, supporting our local food pantry, Pepperell Aid from Community to Home, providing local aid through our Deacons’ Fund, and inviting the people of Pepperell and surrounding communities to free concerts and fun events (such as Bible Venture formerly Vacation Bible School). A Serenity Choir based at PCF is available to sing to anyone in the local community who is unwell or home-bound and in need of encouragement.

As a church, we devote more than 10% of our income to supporting a number of missionary families and organizations, both at home and abroad. Our missionaries are engaged in a wide sweep of gospel activity: leading gospel camps for kids, ministering to juvenile prison inmates around the world, helping young, single mothers, translating the Bible into other languages, training Christian leaders in Africa, coordinating relief efforts to Muslims in the Middle East, and ministering to residents of nursing homes in New Hampshire. We regularly have our missionaries visit us, and we also lead short-term teams to visit our missionaries (we’ve taken teams to Haiti and Uganda).

To learn more about the missionaries and ministries that we support, please visit their web pages.

Fellype and Karol Torres and their young daughter Ana live in Serra Branca, a small, remote town of 13,000 in eastern Brazil. They planted a church in Serra Branca in 2017 and serve there now, even as they look toward planting in other small towns in their region.

Micah and Jess and their children are living in South Asia and planting churches among un-engaged people groups (peoples where Christ has not been named) throughout the Himalayas, through evangelism, discipleship, and training local pastors.

Dustin and Kellie and their children are living in the Middle East serving Muslim communities.

Africa International University – Originally founded in 1983 as Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST), Africa International University (AIU) is a private Christian university located on the outskirts of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. AIU received a university charter from the government of Kenya in 2011 and is also accredited by ACTEA. The mission of AIU is to educate Christ­-centred leaders in Africa for the transformation of God’s people and the world through innovative programs, research, and community engagement. Christian Leaders for Africa is the U.S. organization that partners with AIU. The mission of CLA is to promote Christian higher education on the African continent and, in particular, to generate support for AIU.

John and Kathy Hoover – John and Kathy are serving with InFaith, ministering to nursing homes in Southern New Hampshire, where they share the Gospel with nursing home residents, their families, and nursing home staff.

Pepperell Aid from Community to Home (PACH) – PACH provides Pepperell residents in need with a caring, compassionate resource to meet their basic needs, including food, personal care items, and referrals to resources for additional assistance.

Josh and Abby Rattin – Josh and Abby are passionate about equipping the local church world-wide for Gospel ministry. With Reaching & Teaching Ministries, they participate in teaching Ugandan pastors, equipping lay church and ministry leaders, as well as disabilities and medical ministries.

George and Linda Renner – George is a teacher at the Nairobi  Evangelical Graduate School of Theology and mentors pastors throughout Africa.

Straight Ahead Ministries – Straight Ahead is an interdenominational juvenile justice ministry, working globally to see Jesus Christ transform the lives of juvenile offenders; where every juvenile offender has the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel, and grow in his or her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Chris and Elizabeth Tachick – Serving with Wycliffe, Chris and Elizabeth are consultants for Bible translation work around the world. See more information about their work at their blog.

Small Town Summits – Resourcing and counseling small town pastors and lay leaders throughout New England.

Village Green Collective – small town New England churches planting small town New England churches together.