Pray for a seminary student!

Dear PCF,

As you know, I’m teaching a course on the book of Hebrews at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary this semester, from January – April 2022. The class meets on Monday afternoons, from 1.30pm – 4.30pm. I have asked God to multiply the effectiveness of this course and display his worth to these students. I’m praying that the students will be excited and encouraged and equipped to make their study and teaching of Scripture central to their ministries. 

In past years, some PCF folks have baked cookies for me to take with me to class, and the students have loved that! It’s not possible to do that this time around, because almost all the students are participating in the class remotely, over Zoom. It’s a bit harder to teach that way, but the great advantage is that students from around the U.S. (and even the world) are able to participate in the class. 

Here’s one way I’d love to have you support this teaching ministry: choose a student and pray for him or her for the duration of the class. Pray for spiritual focus and maturation, for good friendships in seminary, for financial provision, for peace during stressful and busy periods, for clear direction for future ministry, for a tender, repentant, gospel-loving heart. This is a great way to bless a student and the churches these students will eventually serve.

There are 9 students in my class, and they come from all over the world:







Joo Hye 



Thanks for being part of this ministry to seminary students and the wider church!

With gratitude,

Pastor Stephen

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