Some very good podcasts

I like to listen to good content while I’m working out in the mornings or doing jobs around the house. For those with a commute, selecting good content (rather than just listening to whatever you can find on the spur of the moment) is a great way to redeem the time. I listen to a variety of stuff – things I agree with and things I don’t. It’s important to hear other perspectives. I listen to Christian and non-Christian stuff. Fresh Air has many thought-provoking interviews. Over the last year, I’ve been enjoying The Great Books podcast and The Daily Poem.

There are several excellent Christian podcasts that I particularly appreciate and highly recommend. These help me grow as a Christian seeking to engage our world. Clickable links to a few of them are below.

Tim Keller’s Gospel in Life podcast

The Gospel Coalition’s Gospelbound podcast (interviews hosted by Collin Hansen)

The Gospel Coalition podcast (featuring talks from TGC conferences)

The ministry I help to lead, Small Town Summits, recently launched The Small Town Summits podcast. I’m biased, but I think it’s excellent.

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