Teaching our kids to tell the truth

Posted by Stephen Witmer on March 13th, 2019

I like Sam Crabtree (we’re former colleagues at Bethlehem Baptist Church, and he’s a wonderful guy) and I like this article he’s written on how we can help our kids to grow in telling the truth. I long for this in my own kids and in the kids of our church. Parents, you’ll benefit from this short article: ‘How To Teach Kids to Tell the Truth.’

On repentance

Posted by Stephen Witmer on February 24th, 2019

What exactly is repentance? According to the Bible, this is a very important question. A lot is at stake. In this new piece at Desiring God, I try to dig into the heart of repentance to show that it’s a change both of perception and direction.

'Loving our community' evening on the opioid crisis

Posted by Stephen Witmer on February 21st, 2019

Next week, on Wednesday, February 27, from 7–8.30pm, we’ll host our second ‘Loving our Community’ forum. This one will focus on the opioid crisis. We’ll learn more about why it is such a crisis, what’s being done in our community and region to fight it, and how we can be involved. Our five guests will be:

Jon Kelly, Director of Operations, Communications, and IT at Trinity EMS

Chief David Scott, Pepperell Police Department

Sarah Gagne, COIN Clinician (Community Outreach Initiative Network)

Mary Morgan, Co-founder of NM Cares

A member of Narcotics Anonymous

Each of our panelists will speak about their area of service and the needs they see in our town and region related to the opioid crisis. We’ll then have plenty of time for interaction, follow-up, questions and answers.

In order to prepare for this evening, you may want to some helpful articles on the Gospel Coalition website about the opioid crisis: here, here, and here. And this new article, by my friend Donnie Griggs, is an excellent introduction to how churches can love opioid addicts.

God's sovereignty over evil

Posted by Stephen Witmer on February 10th, 2019

We saw in Sunday’s sermon on Isaiah 10 that the nation of Assyria is ‘sent’ by God to bring judgment upon His sinful people. Assyria is a rod in His hand. But also, at the very same time, Assyria is acting in selfish, sinful pride — and God declares that He will punish Assyria for their sin. God is sovereign and humans are responsible. Assyria fulfills God’s decretive will, his sovereign, hidden will. And they simultaneous disobey his preceptive will, his revealed, moral will. I mentioned that there are many instances in Scripture of this distinction between God’s sovereign will and his moral will. One such instance is Genesis 50. In this video, John Piper walks us through Genesis 50.16-21. Check it out. I think you’ll find it really helpful.

Please read this article

Posted by Stephen Witmer on February 1st, 2019

We recently observed national Sanctity of Human Life Sunday at Pepperell Christian Fellowship. We do this every year, because it’s very important that we continue to remember and affirm the sacredness of human life at both ends of the age spectrum and everywhere in between. You can listen to ten years’ worth of PCF sermons on the sanctity of human life by clicking here.

Far too many of us are numb to the horrors of abortion. We need to be reminded and awakened. We need important articles like this one by John Ensor. Please read this article, ‘The Reproductive Health Act of Horror: The Lies Behind Abortion without Limits’, and ask God how he wants to use you for the cause of life.