The S.L.E.D. test

Here’s a funny and fascinating talk (actually, a 6-minute excerpt from a talk) about a very serious topic.

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I’m thankful for really, really good kids’ music

Our family was recently in our van together for a couple of hours and, in addition to reading a book out loud (one of my favorite things to do with our kids) we listened again to a remarkably good CD that we’ve already listened to many times before: ‘TheOlogy: Ancient Truths Ever New.’

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Thinking through the violence at the Capitol

As we continue to lament the violence at the Capitol and to seek to think it through from a biblical perspective, this article by Jason Meyer (pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis) is a really helpful contribution.

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Going deeper with an important new book

I preached recently on what the Bible teaches about gender (you can listen to that sermon here), and in my sermon I engaged in some ‘cultural exegesis’ — seeking to understand the dynamics, values, and goals of our broader culture that lead to the radical rethinking of gender that’s underway.

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